shift - a performance on translation

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"Between languages there must be a big divide into wich all words plunge." Yoko Tawada

Every day in the course of translation meanings dissapear in astronomic number. They gather in a no mans land between the languages. Anything that can not be conveyed, transported, that is unable to find a new (linguistic) home, anything that has not yet or can no longer be understood, in that no mans land leads a dark shadowy life of its own.
There is an access to this twighlight world: the rooms of lost meanings.

Shift - a performance on translation was premiered on 19th september 2008 in Munich, at the t-u-b-e gallery for audiophonic art.

created and performed by:
Marianne Kirch (performance and song), Theodossia Stathi (dance), Isjtar (sounds) - composition: Rolf Maier - lights: Reynaldo Ramperssad - costume: Dorothée Catry on the basis of costumes by Detlev Diehm - wigs: Christl Wein, Dorotée Catry - Graphic Novel: Benoît Henken - productionassistant: Dorothée Kirch

supported by LH München, BAINS::CONNECTIVES and cc de Zeyp Brussels, Tanztendenz München. coproduction t-u-b-e, München.